Tell Your Business Story

Tell Your Business StoryYou can tell your business story through words (written and/or spoken) and images. That’s the topic of a panel I’m moderating this morning at the North Shore Business Forum (, with panelists Tony Toledo, storyteller extraordinaire, and Lauren Poussard, ace photographer and caramel maker.

We’re sharing lots of great tips on how to most effectively tell your business story and connect with your target audience. Unlike the fellow on the right scratching something in the sand, you want to create a memorable and lasting impression with your storytelling. Here’s just one sample tip:

Be intriguing… Telling your business story is less like bad used car salesmanship and more like, oh… dating or the art of burlesque. Reveal a little at a time.

Want more? The┬áhandout created by me and Tony Toledo for the presentation is available for download here, and Lauren Poussard’s visual storytelling tips are here.


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