It’s time to catch up on client books that were published within the past six months or so. Some are shorter “calling-card”-type books meant to help introduce an author’s ideas to prospective clients, while others are longer explorations of a topic. All of them were great to work on, with the goal of helping authors share their ideas and stories in books they can be proud of.

I had the pleasure Client books June 2022of doing some developmental editing work with Stefaan van Hooydonk, founder of the Global Curiosity Institute in Belgium, on his new book, The Workplace Curiosity Manifesto: How Curiosity Helps Individuals and Workspaces Thrive in Transformational Times (New Degree Press, 2022). If you’re curious about curiosity, visit his website to discover your own “curiosity quotient.”

Is putting the interests of corporate shareholders above everyone else’s the only way for private enterprise to be successful? In his new book (which I proofread), Ed Chambliss argues that the answer is “no.” Learn more in A One-Legged Stool: How Shareholder Primacy Has Broken Business (and What We Can Do About It) (Best Friend Brands, 2022). Those interested in real estate investment should check out The Cash-Flow Breakfast Club: A Story and a Manual (New Leaf Redevelopers, 2022), by Omni Casey and Chara Casey. (I provided developmental editing on this one)

Launched on Earth Day this year (April 18, 2022), Revoyage of the Mayflower: Societal Values – Conservation’s Driving Force lays out a framework of 9 key elements that author and longtime conservationist Herbert A. Raffaele argues can drive conservation efforts in a much more powerful and effective manner. Author Vince Young wrote his book, in parable form, to stimulate better discussion and better listening: A Gift from the Wise Men: Change Your Thinking and Make a Difference (Pittsgrove Publishing, 2021). (I provided developmental edits and copy editing for both of these books.)

If there’s a recent high school graduate or fledgling college student in your life, they might consider More than a Degree: How to Get the Most Out of College by pastor and motivational speaker Samson Sembeba (2021). Kara Johnson wrote Digital Tidiness: Retraining your digital mindset to fully unlock the potential of your digital spaces (2021) to help those who struggle with keeping things organized on their computers and other devices. In R.E.S.P.E.C.T.: How Nonprofits and For-Profit Sector Companies Can Blend Principles and Profits (2022), Maryann Fleming has provided a guidebook to help organizations navigate values and put best practices to work. (I provided copy editing on all three of these books.)

If you’d like to learn more about how Blue Pencil Consulting can help you take your book idea or draft manuscript to the finish line, please get in touch – I’d welcome the opportunity to help you with your book project!