Tell Your Business StoryIf your company is preparing to celebrate a milestone anniversary in the next two or three years, have you considered commemorating the occasion with a book that tells your company’s story? Whether your business is ready to mark 25 years or 125 years of success, Blue Pencil Consulting can help you chronicle your corporate history in book form.

A corporate or business history book is a lasting way to share unique foundation stories, perspectives of key leaders past and present, and your company’s mission and values with clients and customers, employees, and the community at large. The book may chronicle significant events and decisions in the company’s history, or it may focus more on the stories of the company’s founders and leaders. Both approaches work, and some books mix the two.

Last summer, I had the great pleasure of working with the one and only Chris Nahatis (“Mr. Saladmaster”) of Manchester-by-the-Sea on a book that uses lively anecdotes to chronicle his life story and his 64 years (so far!) selling cookware for Saladmaster. (See this news story about the book’s publication, or learn more about the book here.)

This year, a number of corporate history projects are underway. A personal corporate story with a different client is almost finished; this one tells the story of the founding and growth of a company in the optical products industry and shares the founder’s valuable, hard-won lessons about how it can sometimes take a company more time than anticipated to find the right track.

Then there’s another corporate history in the works that’s a detailed look at an industrial products firm about to celebrate 150 years in business, and it’s quite a colorful story. For another client, the focus is a bit different: the author has no ties with the company he’s writing about, but he is an avid collector of the bottles and advertising ephemera produced by the company throughout its century-plus in existence.

Contact us to learn more about anniversary books (or other types of book projects if you’re interested in something other than a corporate history). Email or call 978-777-8840.