Use an Editorial Calendar to Manage Your Social Media Content

Use an Editorial Calendar to Manage Your Social Media ContentIf you are a busy business owner using one or more social media platforms to build community and attract potential clients, you may struggle to come up with relevant content on a consistent basis. Adding dynamic, valuable content to platforms like your blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest is what keeps people coming back and helps turn them into clients.

One tool that’s incredibly useful for keeping yourself on track is a social media content calendar, much like the editorial calendars used by magazines and newspapers. Create a list or a spreadsheet with the dates you plan to add content to your social media platforms and generate a list of the topics you’ll address on each of those dates. You can certainly change the topics as you need to — to react to a news development in your industry, for example — but by generating a topic list ahead of time, you’ll never be at a loss for a topic to write about.

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