Social Media: Content is King

“Have a website! Use social media! Write a blog!” That’s the message business owners are hearing these days. Blogging about your business and being active on different social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter are excellent ways to share valuable information and engage in a conversation with your clients and prospects. Here’s the catch: doing these things effectively takes some investment of thought and time on your part.

“Well,” you say, “I’m a busy business owner juggling a hundred things at once. How on earth am I supposed to come up with compelling content for my website, my blog or my social media outlets?”

Rest assured, there is a way to create dynamic, valuable content that keeps visitors coming back to your website and helps turn them into clients. I’ll tell you how in a three-hour workshop I’m offering on Monday, March 5, at 6 PM at North Shore Community College (Danvers Campus). The workshop, “Content Is King: Stand Out Using Social Media,” will focus on how to generate ideas for terrific content that helps your business stand out from the competition.

Here’s a quick look at what we’ll cover in the workshop:

  • Quick overview of why you want to use social media in the first place.
  • What’s your current process for generating content? What’s working and what is not?
  • Tips for generating a steady stream of topics for your social media channels, so you always have something to post.
  • How to set up an efficient, time-saving content-generation process that works for you and your business.
  • How to promote your social media channels in a way that also helps promote your business.

To register for this workshop, which is offered for just $49 through NSCC’s Community Education division, visit and sign up for course CSA103.


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