It’s All About the Words

Kathleen M. Victory HannisianThis vintage photo is one of my favorite reminders that the written word has been my passion from a very early age. That’s me, somewhere before age two, sharing my books and magazines with a collection of stuffed friends. Yes, I managed to place the reading materials all right side up, and my mom was so taken with what she still refers to as my “school” that she snapped this picture.

Aside from being happy that I’ve got a different hairstyle now, I’ve been thinking about my long-time involvement with words — and helping others choose and polish theirs — as I get ready to attend Grub Street’s fabulous annual “Muse and the Marketplace” conference this weekend. I love this event because it’s a chance to spend time with other people who write and read with abandon, and it’s a chance to hear new perspectives on  the shifts and opportunities in the publishing business. It’s also going to be a chance to step back from my current work on book development projects and fast-tracked book proposals, and zoom out to a big-picture view of publishing.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each publishing path? How do you craft a logline to sell your book in one sentence? Why choose an independent press as your publisher? These are just some of the questions to be explored at the sessions I’ll be attending, and I’ll be blogging about these post-conference.

If you’re attending, please connect with me, say hello, share comments here, on the Blue Pencil Consulting Facebook page or on Twitter. See you at the Muse!


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