People write books for many reasons. Most of my clients have written books because they have a story to tell, and expertise to share. Some clients also intend their books to serve as “calling cards” for their business, while still providing valuable information for readers. Debby Irving’s Waking Up White (Elephant Room Press, 2014) is one such book – and the process of writing and publishing that book has created opportunities for her that neither of us anticipated when I worked with her back in the book’s developmental stages.

What Can Publishing A Book Do For You?Working now as a racial justice educator and writer, Debby used a recent blog post to chronicle “a series of unexpected invitations” that have resulted from her book. She has had speaking engagements, including being a keynote speaker at the annual meeting of the New England chapter of the NAACP. She went through the college course again that originally “woke her up” – but this time as a professor. She collaborated on the creation of a workshop presented at two national conferences, co-wrote a play that will premiere next month, and was invited to join a team writing a screenplay for a film. If you’d like to learn more about Debby’s work or know an organization that might be interested in using her book as a conversation-starter, please visit her site for more information.

Where could your book take you? If you’d like to develop a book that could spark a series of unexpected invitations and adventures for you and your business, please contact me at – I’d love to help!